I was perusing the Old Navy site last night in an attempt to find a pair of jeans on the cheap. I hear rumors that Old Navy and Gap sell gateway mom jeans, but I’m sure I can make them work for $19.99 a pair!

While shopping, I found a blouse that I really liked. Something I could wear to work and be comfy in, as I was checking the sizes available I moussed over a size that was not in-stock on the website. Once my mouse hit that size red alerts popped up to not only let me know that I could not buy the item in that size on the website, but that I could check store availability if I wanted to continue my shopping experience for that particular item off-line.

Old_Navy_Use Case

Cool! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super annoyed when I see items listed on eCommerce sites for sale just to find out they are for sale in-store only. I’m a hardcore internet shopper and I don’t like stock that I can’t buy in my way. Given my personal preference, I do think that retailers need to pay attention to more customers than just yours truly and it’s important to allow customers who are interested in seeing all items offered both online and off-line on the website. This is the way to do it. It’s inconspicuous and out of my way, but still gets the message across to those who may venture in-store after they have shopped the site.

What’s even cooler about the way Old Navy has things set up is that they take the experience an additional step forward and let you check in-store availability so you can find a store that has the item in-stock in your area and go in and pick up the item. Old Navy also has this option available for not only items that are out of stock online but for all items they carry in-store.

Good job Old Navy! This is a case of Omni-Channel retailing success.

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