By now, everyone knows about Dollar Shave Club. You know the guys with the viral F**king Great razors ad.

Dollar Shave Club knows what it takes to make a great ad. They know how to use just the right mix of sarcasm and off the wall humor to apparel to their target audience. Now they’ve taken it a step further and switched gears to target a completely new audience, women.

Makes sense to me, I bought a Mac III razor when they first came out and have used men’s razors ever since. Simply put, men’s razors perform better than women’s razors. Sure, companies like Venus and Gillette have since come out with similar technology in the razor space that rivals men’s razors. But they were way behind this curve and many women that I know are in the same boat I am, they’ve just been using men’s razors for years.

So when I saw this ad on in my Facebook News Stream, I thought it was a great way to extend their target audience and boost sales!



“You don’t need a pink razor to get a badass lady shave.” I love this!

Just goes to show that you can always think outside the box and find new audiences that may be interested in your product.

Can you expand? Market to an audience you never thought appropriate before?

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