Sometimes opportunities just fall in your lap…

That happened to me when Infusionsoft, an amazing company on a mission to help small businesses succeed approached me about leading their advertising efforts.


Infusionsoft Core Values

I mean, with core values like these, who wouldn’t be stoked if Infusionsoft approached them! What an incredible compliment.

  • We empower entrepreneurs.
  • We listen, we care, we serve.
  • We do what we say we’ll do.
  • We practice open, real communication.
  • We face challenges with optimism.
  • We check our egos at the door.
  • We innovate and constantly improve.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We believe in people and their dreams.

My Career Progression

Until now I’ve always been a hardcore agency gal, and never really gave much thought to going in-house for a brand. I really enjoy the variety that comes with working with many different businesses as a vendor and I love sitting on the bleeding edge of the ad space. But I think it’s time to move into a pure strategy role. Untitled

I see myself following in the footsteps of Joanna Lord, who I look up to immensely. Joanna referred to herself as a growth marketer in her most recent announcement of her move to Porch.com. As I was reading the post, I could identify with everything she said…

I am a growth marketer, driven by solving the hardest problems with testing and data. I believe in viral marketing as a practice not a fluke. I believe in using our channels to activate and unlock growth at every turn. I believe that today’s best marketers have the platforms, and the guts required to build bold, beautiful experiences that catch fire and add real value to the consumer.

I think that description fits me as well. I have definitely been feeling the itch to get closer to brand, social, and big picture growth strategies. I’ve been driving growth for the agencies I’ve been a part of and for the clients I’ve worked with. Now it’s time to try my hand at driving growth for a brand.


So, I’ve accepted the offer at Infusionsoft and today is my last day at Clix Marketing.

Over the last year and a half I’ve had the pleasure of working with the small but mighty team that is Clix Marketing. This agency employs some of the most incredible digital advertising talent there is, and I’ve had an absolute blast working with all of them!

This little agency is poised for incredible growth, they’ll do amazing things and I’m honored to have been a part of their team.

My next chapter starts Monday and I’m totally freaked out. I’m scared, nervous, excited, hungry, and ready to see how this new chapter unfolds.

Big thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and an even bigger thanks to those who have pushed me as hard as they have. It means the world to me that you care enough to push as hard as you do.

Cheers to more cool stuff in this incredible space!

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  1. Congrats Heather! Infusionsoft is a great company that is doing great things to help small businesses. They definitely need your help as they grow to the next level.

    Have a great weekend!


    P.S. – Don’t be nervous, you’ll do fine!

  2. Hi Justin,

    They are definitely doing great things to help small businesses. A cause I can TOTALLY get behind.

    Thanks so much for the kudos and encouragement!


  3. We are so lucky to have you joining the team! You are going to make some amazing things happen at Infusionsoft and I look forward to being part of it!

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