Does your Facebook ads account look like this…tons of old campaigns that make it hard to navigate and find what you need?


If you refresh your Facebook ad campaigns as often as you should to keep ahead of ad fatigue/mortality in this channel then you probably have a cluttered account full of old stuff like we do.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

This is a bit of a pain when trying to pull reports. Facebook has been kind enough to add filters to allow us to sort through this mess and find exactly what we need but I find that I often have to try more than once before I’m able to get what I need.

I’m super stoked to see the announcement in my account this morning that Facebook is rolling out an archive feature.

Facebook Ads Archive

Soon we’ll be able to archive this old stuff. You could always delete it, but every good ad manager is an ad history hoarder. This way we’ll be able to move it out of the way while we’re working on active campaigns, but still keep it for later reference, data included.

Facebook has even issued a best practice for archiving Facebook ad campaigns:

Best practice: Delete archived ads 28 days after their last date of delivery to ensure stats will no longer change. Note that if you delete an archived ad, it may still track impressions, clicks, and actions for 28 days after the date of last delivery. For example, if you have an ad set with two ads within it and delete one, the stats for the ad set will include stats for both ads, but you won’t be able to access the one you’ve deleted.

I think this is a fantastic new feature, thanks Facebook! Will you archive your old campaigns and clean up your view?

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  1. I was excited myself when I saw this was announced. Haven’t seen the functionality yet though and it appears the link to the best practices that you included in your article is now dead. Does anyone know what the update is on this feature?

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