Joining Virtuous Software!
October 5, 2016

Three months ago I left Infusionsoft with a bad case of burnout. I’ve spent the last three months healing and enjoying peace and quiet and no stress! Just a long restful recharge.

Personal Sabbatical

I read a ton (all non-work fiction of course), watched the Food Network, enjoyed the monsoons, smoked cigars, colored, sketched, drank wine, and tested new recipes. I napped in the middle of the day, enjoyed facials and spa treatments, and caught up with old friends. I joined the gym, tried Zumba, and cleaned out the freezer. I cuddled with my cats, detoxed allergen foods (I have a gluten and dairy allergy), watched movies, and reconnected with my love.

It was absolutely wonderful and very much needed. Now that the three months are up, what’s next?

Joining Virtuous Software

I’ve¬†accepted an offer to join Virtuous Software as VP of Demand Generation starting on October 17th. This cool little start up is my next adventure. The product is stellar, the team casual, and the mission awesome.

Confession, after Infusionsoft I was convinced that working in the SaaS arena was not for me. The two years I spent helping Infusionsoft leap to the next level of evolution and growth definitely took it’s tole on me. It was hard as heck! But then something interesting happened. All kinds of SaaS companies started to reach out to offer opportunities and I realized that my particular experience and skill set was in high demand. So I figured, “what the heck, I can at least talk to them”. So I started to chat with founders, boards, CEO’s, and other marketing leaders in the SaaS & tech community.

I found that not all SaaS companies share the same challenges. There are a lot of similarities in terms of the business model, growth trajectory, etc. But each company has it’s own culture, values, and challenges. I decided I could give it another go at a company that was better aligned with the number one thing I personally struggle with…work life balance.

When Virtuous reached out I looked over their corporate values. The very first value listed is Team & Family! Wonderful, they understand and value the importance of taking care of yourself first so you are healthy and can give to others.

The corporate values plus the amazing purpose to create good in the world by helping nonprofits
inspire generosity and increase their impact was enough for me. I’m stoked to start fresh and see if I can use all that I’ve learned over the years to build a demand generation engine from near scratch and scale it.

Here goes nothing!



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