Heather is extremely knowledgeable and an engaging speaker. Heather was incredible at keeping her audience engaged while move at an aggressive pace.

Heather Cooan Google Get Your Business Online Event 2012

Google Get Your Business Online 2012


Heather Cooan educates businesses and organizations on a wide variety of digital marketing and advertising topics including, social media marketing, search engine marketing, display advertising, measurement and analysis of digital marketing efforts, and digital marketing strategy.

Speaking Style:

Heather’s speaking style is fun, energetic, attentive, and warm. Heather customizes her content and delivery to each audience she speaks to and is able to read the audience and vary her approach during speaking engagements.

Presentation Approach:

Heather’s approach to designing presentations focuses on providing value to her audience. Heather uses her hands on experience to create materials that are inspiring and useful in contributing bottom line impact of advertisers.

Topics Sampling:

  • Intro to Facebook Advertising
  • Digital Display Advertising Landscape
  • Google Remarketing How To & Case Studies
  • Google Analytics Remarketing How To
  • Troubleshooting Google Merchant Center Product Disapprovals
  • Intro to Google AdWords
  • Advanced Google AdWords
  • Intro to Social Media Strategy
  • Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads
  • Intro to Bing Ads
  • Advanced Excel Hacks
  • Social Advertising Tips & Tricks

Presentation archive can be found on SlideShare.