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Bacon Ranch Dressing (GFDF, Paleo, Keto, Low-Iron, Whole30)
July 20, 2020
Bacon ranch dressing in a white porcelain bowl with vegetables, herbs and spices on an old wooden table, selective focus
Ranch sauce in a white porcelain bowl with vegetables, herbs and spices on an old wooden table, selective focus

I love ranch dressing and this whole-food bacon ranch dressing recipe is so good and there’s even a dairy-free option!

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Benefits of Gardening For Kids
July 16, 2020

Concerned about the environment? Why not start by educating your kiddos in the garden? Gardening for kids is so fun and full of great benefits for everyone.

If you don’t have a garden yet, you can easily start one. You can easily grow herbs in your kitchen or you can start your own victory garden if you have space. Check out my gardening tips to get started. Homestead and Chill also has a ton of great beginner gardener resources you can check out.

It’s good to see children’s involvement with environmentally friendly activities and gardening is a great way to not only teach them about the environment but to also connect them with their food. Here are a few benefits of gardening for kids.

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Lemon Blueberry Cake (Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, GFDF)
July 13, 2020

Recipes always come out of cravings right? This one is no exception, I was craving something sweet and Blake was craving blueberry muffins and this Lemon Blueberry Cake was born.

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Vegetable Gardening Tips
July 9, 2020
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

 With the costs of living rising all the time, it may be possible to save money and increase your family’s health at the same time by growing vegetables in your backyard. Here are a few vegetable gardening tips to help you with your green thumb.

Dairy-Free (DF) Desserts Gluten-Free (GF) Keto Recipes Vegetarian
Fudgy Flax Brownies (GFDF, Keto, Vegetarian)
July 6, 2020

I think you’ll love these fudgy flax brownies!

Long-time members of the low-carb community know and love the old-school Miracle Brownie recipe posted on the now-defunct About.com from Laura Dolson. I’ve long loved this recipe as well, even modified this recipe to lay off the flax a bit and go easy on my tummy. Check out my miracle brownie recipe.

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Homemade Guacamole (GFDF, Paleo, Keto, AIP, Whole30, Vegetarian, Low-Iron)
July 4, 2020
Fresh chunky guacamole in colorful bowl sitting on bright green plate garnished with raw carrots and green peppers and cilantro surrounded by raw vegetables

I love guacamole! There’s nothing quite like fresh guacamole made table-side at an authentic Mexican restaurant. So good and it’s actually really simple to make at home! I make homemade guacamole at least once a week.

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Overlooking Acid Reflux Disease in Children
July 2, 2020
Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Acid reflux disease in children is actually quite common and easily overlooked. Symptoms in children are more difficult to catch and connect. We don’t typically look to a child’s diet as a potential cause, because that’s just not the norm in this country, but this is a digestive issue…so why wouldn’t we look at what they’re eating?

An 11-year-old boy in Boston developed a Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). According to his mother, Cathy, it was the end of June in the year 2005 when her son developed a cough which usually happens during sleep, and even during the daytime. It is only a short dry cough symptom. His pediatrician thought it was only an allergy, however, when her son was tested, the result showed that there were no allergies. According to her, it was her son’s asthma that relates to GERD.

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Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas (GFDF, Keto, Whole30, Paleo)
June 29, 2020
Carnitas – Mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, Pork Carnitas

This slow cooker pork carnitas recipe is awesome. There’s nothing easier than throwing everything into the slow cooker before you start your day for a super easy dinner!

We have a lot of lettuce tacos around here. I usually do ground or shredded beef or fajita-style chicken. Always a great meal, but this time I was in the mood for a different kind of taco, something more like you would get at Chipotle only using a lettuce leaf in place of the tortilla.

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Tips for Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau
June 27, 2020
Photo by Eternal Happiness from Pexels

It happens to all of us…the dreaded weight loss plateau.

You’re cruising along, ecstatic because you just completed the induction phase of Atkins or the first couple of weeks off of sugar and grains on The Primal Blueprint. It was a miracle you got though those few weeks and made it through the withdrawal symptoms. Maybe you’ve incorporated exercise, the scale is moving in the right direction and you’re feeling great.

Then, dun dun dunnnn…the scale slows way down or even stops. By this point you’re weighing yourself every day and going bonkers.

Now what!?

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Food Labels: How to Read Them
June 25, 2020
Young woman reading information about the product on the phone

Learning to read food labels is a super valuable skill in your journey to optimal health. You cannot measure every morsel that passes your lips, but it is a good idea to measure most foods and beverages until you get a feel for portion sizes. It is a super-sized world out there, and most people are surprised to find that their idea of a single serving is actually two or three.

If you are into bells and whistles, there are food scales that are preprogrammed with nutritional information, as well as scales that will keep a running total of your daily food and nutrient intake for you. The only tools you really need, however, are a simple and inexpensive gram scale, dry and liquid measuring cups, and ideas on reading food labels.

Among all of the mentioned tools, reading food labels seem to be the most effective way of determining the right kind of food to be bought in the supermarket. It lets you make sensible food selections. Through the “Nutrition Facts” section in a particular item in the grocery, you can identify the amount of serving sizes provided in that product.

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The Power of Antioxidants for Staying Young
June 22, 2020
Photo by Lidia Costea from Pexels

What’s all the buzz around antioxidants and why are they so important?

Everyone wants to grow old gracefully. Some go under the knife to get that youthful look while others opt for a more natural way to maintain that healthful glow. The way to make peace with age can be found in the types of foods that we eat and the miracle ingredient they contain.

This hidden “miracle” is called antioxidants. They have graced the pages of magazines, medical journals, and every product from hand cream to supplement pills. But what are antioxidants and what can they do to keep you looking your best? Let’s explore this question.

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How to Overcome Emotional Eating
June 20, 2020
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Eating is a part of life. Your body gets its nutrients from food. Sometimes we can go overboard with our eating habits and it can result in gaining weight. One issue with food is emotional eating.

The problem of emotional eating may end with the scale but it begins in the mind. Stress takes a toll on your life. When your defenses are compromised your health takes a hit and so do your emotions.

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Common Dieting Mindset Mistakes
June 18, 2020
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Despite the plethora of weight loss information available, these common dieting mindset mistakes are being made over and over every day. I’m not talking about little slipups where you stole a french fry off of hubbies plate, but big mindset mistakes that distract you from your weight loss goals and accidentally lead to self-sabotage.

Understanding these errors can help you develop the attitude that will not only help you reach your goals but lead to permanent weight loss.

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5 Nutritional Foundations for Optimal Health
June 15, 2020
Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

We have way more control over our health and wellbeing than we are lead to believe. Proper nutrition is one of our most powerful tools and it’s important to understand how we can leverage it to achieve optimal health. There are five nutritional foundations that are critical to proper function and they should be the focus of any nutritional approach to health.

The five areas of focus in my nutritional approach include:

  • Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Fatty Acid Balance
  • Mineral Balance
  • Hydration.

If any of these foundations are out of balance or in dysfunction, it will be difficult to achieve optimal health. In this post, we’ll walk through a brief overview of why each of these nutritional foundations is so incredibly important.

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Meal Planning Tips for Busy Moms
June 13, 2020
Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Dinner is the last meal of the day and a time when families can get together and discuss their day. It is also a hectic meal for busy moms who are just getting off of work or who have been busy with other activities all day. Forget trying to get a healthy meal on the table, busy moms are just trying to get something edible on the table. These meal planning tips for busy moms are sure to help!

We could all take the easy way out and whip out the pre-made chemical-laden food so we have more time for ourselves. But in the end those foods will send everyone into a spiral of disastrous health. If you are a busy mom or you know a busy mom, here are some meal planning tips to help make dinner meals easy and even fun.

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Fried Cheese Balls (Keto, GF, Low-Iron, Vegetarian)
June 11, 2020

Cheese is awesome and fried anything is awesome, so fried cheese is just heaven! These fried cheese balls are the best keto snack out there!

Gluten-Free (GF) Keto Low-Iron Recipes Sides
Cheesy Bacon Cauliflower (Keto, GF, Low-Iron)
June 8, 2020

Who says cauliflower has to be boring? It’s delicious if you cover it in cheese, cream , and bacon! Spice up your cauliflower with this great cheesy bacon cauliflower side dish recipe.

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Paleo Stuffed Peppers (Low-Carb, Whole30, GFDF)
June 6, 2020

Thank goodness for ‘paleo-ised’ recipes! We had a hankering for stuffed peppers and had to find a way to make paleo stuffed peppers.

I’ve been reading a ton of paleo blogs and I’ve come across some great inspiration for recipes. We love stuffed peppers but they usually include rice or bread crumbs and cheese or other ingredients that I’m sensitive to. I decided to just stuff them with a mix of stuff that sounded good. This recipe is definitely put together just off the cuff.

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Salmon Burger (Keto, Paleo, GFDF, Whole30, Low-Iron)
June 4, 2020
salmon burger

This salmon burger recipe is super easy! I love this nutritious meal for a weeknight dinner. Thirty minutes and three ingredients and you’ve got a tasty meal on the table with minimal time and effort!

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Celery Root French Fries (Keto, Paleo, GFDF, AIP, Low-Iron, Vegetarian)
June 1, 2020
Photo by Glady Francis from Pexels

There’s no real replacement for the all-mighty potato, but these celery root french fries are a pretty good snack.

I am a serious potato addict! Mashed, baked, scalloped, roasted, hashed, chipped, and especially french fried. I love the potato in so many ways, but while eating low carb or keto, these guys are a wee bit too high on the glycemic index so I need to refrain.