5 Low-Carb Halloween Cocktails
October 16, 2019
Image Source: Lowcarbology

Halloween brings about lots of parties, events, and other activities that may include alcohol. Eating a keto diet limits your use of alcohol, but we’ve put together recipes for 5 low-carb Halloween cocktails that’ll bring out the grinning ghoul in you.

Always consume alcohol with caution when following a ketogenic lifestyle. Depending on your body, alcohol can sometimes cause undesirable effects and deter you from your health goals.

Now, onto the creepy cocktail recipes!

Batty Bloody Mary

If you’re craving a Bloody Mary this Halloween season, you’re going to love this bat-crazy recipe! Not only do you get to sip on a traditional tomato juice and vodka cocktail, but you get to nibble on salami and pickles in the shape of bats.

This cocktail is Ozzy Osbourne approved.

Black Widow Cocktail

This cocktail is so delicious; it’s spooky! Made with blackberry juice and vodka you are saving on the carbs versus other fruity mixed drinks. This is a great cocktail to serve at a Halloweens party, especially if you dress up the glass as shown in the picture.

Image Source: Keto Diet App

Bloody Zombie Cocktail

This Halloween-themed drink is sweet, spicy, and spooky! Careful, if you drink too many, you may turn into a zombie before the night is over. An interesting ingredient in this cocktail is pineapple flavored vodka which gives it a punch of flavor. Another fun mix-in is hot sauce. Yep, you read that right! This bone-chilling beverage has a kick of hellish heat J

Image Source: Lowcarbology

Crazy Black Magic Cocktail

An enchanting potion that will definitely keep your claws out of the candy dish! This spicy, smoky flavored drink is made with activated charcoal so that you get a black magic appeal that looks like it came straight from a witch’s cauldron. Trust me; you’re going to want to try this! The author of this recipe describes it as tasting the way her uncle’s pipe smoke smelled.


Image Source: Lowcarbology

Apple Cider Moscow Mule

What’s a Halloween party without something apple-cider flavored? BORING! This delicious, lip-smacking Apple Cider Moscow Mule will fuel your need for obligatory fall-themed treats; It’s so low in carbs it’s frightening. Plus, it’s pretty good for your gut because there is a healthy dose of apple cider vinegar in the mix.

You need to give this fall-favorite drink a try. It’s a real scream!

Image Source: Keto Connect

I hope these low-carb Halloween cocktails make your Halloween party a bit more keto-friendly. Drink responsibly my little low-carb ghoulfriends.


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