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Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling
August 27, 2020
The constant traveler, who tours different countries across different time zones is faced with a lot of stressors which may contribute to the degradation of optimal health status. Undetected and unsuspected lenience on traveling across time zones may also lead to affected psychosocial behavior because of the new places and environmental stimuli that are bombarding […]
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Non-Toxic Cookware Guide: Clean up Your Kitchen
March 30, 2020
Are you using non-toxic cookware? This may be an area that you’ve missed when addressing the toxin load in your environment. You’d probably switched to non-toxic beauty, non-toxic body sunscreen, non-toxic facial sunscreen, and cleaning products. Cooking should be enjoyable and something that produces a healthy meal for you and your loved ones. However, when […]
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What to Do if You Get The COVID-19 Coronavirus
March 13, 2020
With all of the media coverage of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, there has been little information available about what to do if you get the COVID-19 coronavirus. I’m not a doctor or trained medical professional and this is not medical advice, however, I’d like to share the information about how to manage coronaviruses from a […]
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Health Benefits of Sex
March 2, 2020
So, there are plenty of reasons out there for regular sex, like, you know, the pleasure, the intimacy, the extra cardio – you’ve likely seen them all in any airport magazine. But did you know there are also numerous health benefits of sex? In addition to just making you happier! (1) (Bonus, these benefits sometimes […]
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How to Improve Vitamin D Deficiency
August 5, 2019
Previously, I’ve explored what role vitamin D deficiency plays in the development and progression of autoimmune conditions, and with just how important vitamin D is in maintaining optimal immune health, it seemed like a good idea to share about how to improve vitamin D deficiency and if you’re not yet deficient, how to increase your […]
Daily Stress Management Tips
May 2, 2019
Stress can literally kill you. Here are five stress management tips to get you through.
How To Get a Handle On Stress Eating
April 25, 2019
It’s a simple truth: eating good food feels good. When we’ve had a particularly rough or tiring day, it’s natural to want to grab some chocolate cake on the way home. That will make us feel better, right? Wrong!!! Chocolate cake will just lead to a sugar crash later – and, depending on your nutritional […]
Exercise and Better Sleep
January 16, 2019
Did you know that the amount of physical exercise that you get during the day is one of the key ingredients to helping you get a good sleep at night? Yup! The more active your body is during the day, the more likely you are to relax at night and fall asleep faster.
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Align Work to Your Values: Fulfillment Will Follow
June 1, 2018
Align Work to Your Values: Fulfillment Will Follow was originally published on the Janes of Digital Blog. Where are you spending the bulk of your time and money? Take a look at your priorities. If you’re not spending your time and money on things or people that are tightly aligned with your personal values, then […]
5 Steps to Stress Relief
April 2, 2014
Stress relief is so critical to optimal health. Learning how to cope with stress is one of the biggest survival skills we can learn in today’s world. How do you react when things don’t go according to plan? Do you roll with the punches? Does anxiety keep you from enjoying life? Do you engage in […]