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20 Holiday Keto Cookie Recipes
December 7, 2020
Christmas cookies are such a fun treat this time of year. But you don’t have to miss out if you’re cutting out the sugar and starch. Here are 20 holiday keto cookie recipes to keep you feeling festive!
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50+ Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes
November 5, 2020
Here are over 50 gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes for you to get a jump on your Thanksgiving planning. Everything from appetizers to desserts and all gluten-free. Many of these are also dairy-free and keto-friendly. If you’re looking for dairy-free keto Thanksgiving recipes, you can find a list of them here. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a […]
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50 Keto Halloween Recipes
October 1, 2020
This list of 30 keto Halloween recipes has everything you need and more to survive Halloween, no sugar necessary! Halloween is my favorite holiday! It’s also the start of the sugar season, which can be really difficult for some folks. There’s no reason to shy away from social get-togethers and parties this time of year […]
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200+ Paleo Snacks – The List of Lists
August 20, 2020
Snacks…I’m always on the lookout for new paleo snacks. Paleo generally means safe for me since I’m always chasing food sensitivities. Safe snacks like my parsnip chips and celery root french fries are great options for me when I need a munchie! Paleo store-bought options are definitely easier to find these days, but they’re so […]
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10 Low-Carb Vegetarian Side Dishes (Keto, Paleo, Whole30, GF)
January 9, 2020
Here are my top 10 low-carb vegetarian side dishes. Low-carb diets and lifestyles are not just for carnivores There are plenty of low-carb options for vegetarians too! Plenty of vegetables are low in carbohydrates, so stock your kitchen with loads of fresh ingredients and check out these delicious low-carb vegetarian side dishes.
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44 Dairy-Free Keto Thanksgiving Recipes
November 13, 2019
These dairy-free keto Thanksgiving recipes will make this year’s Turkey Day unforgettable! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means tables filled with carb-heavy foods swimming in butter. Many people look forward to this buffet of sinfully delicious delights, and maybe you do as well, but you want to stick to your goals this […]
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10 Halloween Veggie Trays
October 29, 2019
Sugary candy is so overrated, especially when it wreaks havoc on your health goals. This Halloween season you can fight back against the candy war! How can you do that? With Halloween-themed veggies, of course. You don’t have to serve sugar-laden foods at your harvest parties and spooky events. Serve Halloween veggie trays instead! Even […]
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5 Halloween Deviled Eggs (Keto, Paleo, GFDF, Whole30)
October 24, 2019
These Halloween deviled eggs are sure to please your guests this Halloween season. There’s not a hint of sugar to be found in these creamy, dreamy eggs, but trust me, they’re devilishly delicious. Halloween is right around the corner and with it comes to costume parties, haunted houses, and lots of sugar-filled snacks and treats. […]
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5 Low-Carb Halloween Cocktails
October 16, 2019
Halloween brings about lots of parties, events, and other activities that may include alcohol. Eating a keto diet limits your use of alcohol, but we’ve put together recipes for 5 low-carb Halloween cocktails that’ll bring out the grinning ghoul in you. Always consume alcohol with caution when following a ketogenic lifestyle. Depending on your body, […]
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10 Dairy-Free Keto Lunch Ideas
September 16, 2019
During the week while at work or school can make sticking to a ketogenic diet difficult if you’re not prepared. Things can be even trickier if you’re also trying to adhere to a dairy-free eating plan. These 10 dairy-free keto lunch ideas should help! The best way to stay within the parameters of your health […]
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10 Dairy-Free Keto Mug Cake Recipes (Keto, GFDF)
August 8, 2019
Soothe your sweet tooth with these top 10 dairy-free keto mug cake recipes! It’s a huge misconception that dieting has to be bland and boring for your taste buds. I mean, maybe if you’re on a low-fat diet, but not when you’re on keto! Keto is delicious! You are able to indulge in yummy desserts […]