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200+ Paleo Snacks – The List of Lists
August 20, 2020
Parsnip Chips on a Plate

Snacks…I’m always on the lookout for new paleo snacks. Paleo generally means safe for me since I’m always chasing food sensitivities. Safe snacks like my parsnip chips and celery root french fries are great options for me when I need a munchie!

Paleo store-bought options are definitely easier to find these days, but they’re so expensive! I’d rather save some money and control the ingredients at home.

So I decided to compile all of my favorite paleo snack posts here so you guys can check em out.

Image Source: Ditch The Wheat

51 Paleo Snacks Anyone Can Love

This list from Greatist opens with a super yummy cauliflower popcorn recipe from Ditch the Wheat. For you popcorn lovers, this is a fantastic alternative!

There are a couple hummus recipes and also prosciutto wrapped melon and asparagus that look super yummy as well!

Image Source: Paleo Grubs

73 Healthy Paleo Snacks to Keep You Satisfied Between Meals

Paleo Grubs has compiled a huge list of 73 paleo snacks opening with a crunchy paleo granola bar that looks awesome!

You’ll also find crackers, muffins, and candied nuts on this list!

Image Source: PaleOMG

48 Paleo Super Bowl Snacks

PaleOMG also put together an impressive list of 48 paleo snacks. This list is SuperBowl themed and opens with their own Garlic Dill Sweet Potato Wedges that look amazing!

You’ll also find stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, more vegetable fries and chips, and of course, wings on this list!

Image Source: Paleo Plan

11 Quick and Easy Paleo Snack Ideas

Paleo Plan kicks off a kid-friendly list with their all-natural fruit roll-ups!

This list has other kid-friendly items like ants on a log and apple chips as well. All clean and fun!

Image Source: My Natural Family

Paleo Snacks on-the-go Ideas – Who Says Healthy Can’t Be Fast?

This list from My Natural Family starts things off with their Curried-Zucchini Chips recipe.

There are lots of fun snacks on this list like beef jerky, more veggie chips, gummies, and even skittles!

There ya go, all the Paleo snacks you can ever want in one place.

If there’s a snack missing or a list of snacks missing, please post about it in the comments. I want to know about all the snacks!


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