Gluten-Free (GF) Recipes
50+ Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes
November 5, 2020
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Here are over 50 gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes for you to get a jump on your Thanksgiving planning. Everything from appetizers to desserts and all gluten-free. Many of these are also dairy-free and keto-friendly.

If you’re looking for dairy-free keto Thanksgiving recipes, you can find a list of them here.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a minefield of food sensitivities. If you’re gluten-free, you can easily enjoy all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes and more.

Gluten-Free Appetizers

mini pumpkin cheese balls on a platter
  1. Mini Pumpkin Cheese Balls
  2. Pickle Wheels
  3. Bacon-Wrapped Figs
  4. Savory Cheesecake Bites
  5. Herbed Olives
  6. Fontina, Spinach, and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
  7. Smoky Pumpkin Seeds
  8. Deviled Eggs
  9. Sweet and Salty Roasted Nuts
  10. Farmer’s Market Vegetable Tray
  11. Bacon Ranch Dressing
  12. Broiled Oysters with Anchovy Almond Butter

Gluten-Free Main Dishes

Garlic Rosemary Cornish Game Hens
  1. Gluten-Free Brined Turkey
  2. Roast Duck
  3. Sweet and Spicy Roast Turkey
  4. Garlic Rosemary Cornish Game Hens
  5. Citrus Grilled Turkey Breast
  6. Pineapple Glazed Ham
  7. Creole Deep Fried Turkey
  8. Honey Bourbon Glazed Ham
  9. Instant Pot Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin
  10. Sweet-Hot Plum Glazed Ham

Gluten-Free Side Dishes

Garlic Mashed Cauliflower
  1. Cheesy Bacon Cauliflower
  2. Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole
  3. Garlic Mashed Cauliflower
  4. Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy
  5. Crockpot Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  6. Holiday Roasted Vegetables
  7. Gluten-Free Biscuits
  8. Cranberry Sauce
  9. Roasted Cabbage Wedges with Orange and Caraway
  10. Cheesy Baked Green Beans
  11. Scalloped Potatoes with Onions and Cheddar Cheese
  12. Roasted Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and Onions
  13. Gluten-Free Stuffing
  14. Crispy Bacon Brussel Sprouts
  15. Sautéed Balsamic Mushrooms

Gluten-Free Desserts

dairy-free keto pumpkin pie with coconut whipped cream and pumpkins on a table
  1. Pumpkin Bread
  2. Low-Carb Pumpkin Pie
  3. Dairy-Free Keto Pumpkin Pie
  4. Low-Carb Pumpkin Pie Dip
  5. Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee
  6. Pecan-Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars
  7. Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake
  8. Pumpkin Flan
  9. Toffee Bar Crunch Butterscotch Pudding
  10. Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt
  11. Pear Tart with Walnut Crust
  12. Hibiscus Poached Pears
  13. Low-Carb Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake
  14. Pumpkin Pie Pudding

There you have it, a comprehensive collection of gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes.

If you have a favorite gluten-free Thanksgiving recipe, that isn’t on this list, I’d love to add it. Let me know about it in the comments!

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