50 Keto Halloween Recipes
October 1, 2020
Halloween food. Scary sausage mummies and pumpkin juice on dark background.

This list of 30 keto Halloween recipes has everything you need and more to survive Halloween, no sugar necessary!

Halloween is my favorite holiday! It’s also the start of the sugar season, which can be really difficult for some folks. There’s no reason to shy away from social get-togethers and parties this time of year because you’re avoiding sugar.

Halloween Deviled Egg Recipes

Halloween Deviled Eggs on a plate

Deviled eggs are a fantastic snack. I make them year round whenever I need to use up eggs or mayo that’s been hanging around the fridge for too long. They’re perfect for breakfast, snacks, and sides. They’re also very easy to decorate for Halloween.

  1. Spider Deviled Eggs
  2. Upside Down Deviled Egg Eyes
  3. Yolkensteins
  4. Deviled Dragon’s Eyes
  5. Deviled Egg Demon Eyes
  6. Keto Halloween Deviled Eggs

Halloween Veggie Trays

haunted forest platter

Veggie trays are the best party food there is. They’re keto and low-carb friendly and they fit in to every other eating plan out there. Even the vegans can get down on a veggie tray. Just arrange the plant matter in a spooky way and you’ve go the perfect keto Halloween dish!

  1. Halloween Veggie Tray
  2. Haunted Forest Platter
  3. Creepy Crudites

Halloween Appetizer and Snack Recipes

cheddar witches finger crackers on a party table

Besides deviled eggs and veggie trays, there are a million appetizers and snack options that can be ghoulishly arranged for Halloween. Here are 11 keto options that are sure to creep you out!

  1. Mozzarella Eyeballs
  2. Bloody Chicken Eyeballs
  3. Cold Cut Meat Head
  4. Cheddar Witches Fingers
  5. Frankenstein’s Fingers
  6. Radish Eyeballs
  7. Shrimp Ears
  8. Three-Cheese Cheesy Mummy
  9. Cream Cheese Draculas
  10. Halloween Zucchini Pizza Bites
  11. Low-Carb Halloween Chips

Halloween Main Dish Recipes

severed fingers hot dogs with bloody ketchup

You can really get creative with main dishes! Everything from molding a meatloaf into the shape of a zombie hand, to carving hotdogs to look like severed fingers. The creepy vibes are real with these main dishes!

  1. Dead Man’s Halloween Ribs
  2. Zombie’s Hand Meatloaf
  3. Eyeball Tacos
  4. Severed Fingers
  5. Pumpkin Sausage Soup
  6. Mini Mummy Pizzas
  7. Halloween Spiced Ghost Pancakes
  8. Spooky Low-Carb Halloween Pizza
  9. Halloween Stuffed Peppers

Halloween Dessert Recipes

gelatin worms spread out on tin foil

Of course, desserts and treats are what Halloween is all about. Here are 17 keto Halloween dessert recipes that will slash that sweet tooth and impress your guests!

  1. Meringue Ghosts
  2. Keto Halloween Cookie Dough Mummy Treats
  3. Melon Brain
  4. Keto Brain Cupcakes
  5. Keto Candy Corn Cookies
  6. Keto Halloween Sugar Cookies
  7. Low-Carb Halloween Spiderweb Cupcakes
  8. Gelatin Worms
  9. Bloody Brains
  10. Chocolate Bat Cookies
  11. Keto Ghost Cupcakes
  12. Brainy Blackberry Brie
  13. Keto Frosted Pumpkin Spice Halloween Cookies
  14. Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
  15. Apple Bites
  16. Keto Chocolate Glazed Halloween Donuts
  17. Keto Halloween Cookies

Halloween Beverage Recipes

apple shrunken heads cider

When it comes to beverages, there are several options for your punch bowl. Some with floating hands and others with shrunken heads!

  1. Floating Bloody Hand Punch
  2. Apple Shrunken Heads Cider

Halloween Cocktail Recipes

bloody zombie cocktail on a party table

This list wouldn’t be complete without a couple of Halloween cocktails, so I included a couple. Alcohol isn’t healthy, but each of us have to make that decision for our own body.

  1. Batty Bloody Mary
  2. Bonus: 5 Low-Carb Halloween Cocktails

There you have it! 50 keto Halloween recipes. Your Halloween party will be incredible and your guests will feel great afterwards. No sugar hangover here!


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