My Vulvar Cancer Treatment

Heather Cooan Transformation
Now vs. Then

Conventional Treatment

I was diagnosed with vulvar cancer (stage 1b infiltrating squamous cell carcinoma, moderately well differentiated of the vulva) in August 2017. Keratinizing (developed from a tear that wouldn’t heal from Lichen Sclerosis (an autoimmune skin disorder diagnosed at the same time), not HPV).

I had surgery to remove the nodule in September 2017. However, I did not get clear margins because I refused to let them take my clitoris. Post-surgery I was given two treatment options:

  1. Additional surgery to let them remove whatever they needed to remove to ensure clear margins, including my clitoris.
  2. Radiation and low-dose chemotherapy to kill the remaining cancerous cells.

I refused both options. Instead, I went the controversial route choosing naturopathic oncology over conventional treatment…cuz I don’t do anything the traditional or easy way. I’m a rebel by nature and I started reading about the Metabolic Theory of Cancer and it just made sense.

My Cancer Treatment Team

  • Naturopathic Primary Care Doctor (NMD)
  • Naturopathic Oncologist (NMD, IFMCP, BSN)
  • Gynecologic Oncologist (surgeon) (MD)
  • Vulvar Specialist (MD)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Practitioner (LMT)
  • Hubby, Friends, & Family

Lifestyle Changes

When I say I had to change my entire life to heal my body of cancer, I’m not kidding. Here’s a list of all the lifestyle changes I made to heal mind, body, and soul

I had to change my mindset from focused on killing cancer to healing every part of my being.

  • Strict whole foods dairy-free (due to allergies) therapeutic ketogenic diet, zero sugar, grains, starches, dairy, or sweetened foods other than stevia and a lot of fat (dairy & gluten-free due to food sensitivities)
  • Intermittent fasting on a 16 hrs fasted / 8 hrs eating schedule for cell regeneration
  • Reiki energy healing
  • Counseling
  • Journaling
  • Daily detox rituals including dry-brushing and oil-pulling
  • Stress management – resigned from a high-stress job
  • Meditation & visualization
  • Sunshine & earthing
  • Regular, good quality sleep
  • Quit drinking alcohol
  • Quit smoking – I was a major cigar connoisseur

Alternative Clinical Treatments

I received clinical treatments consisting of Nutrient IV’s with high-dose vitamin C and hyperbaric oxygen therapy 3x/wk for 12 weeks.

Prescription Medications

The only medications I took during my treatment were Low Dose Naltrexone and my regular thyroid medication.


My supplementation routine included large handfuls of pills three times a day in addition to my 3 times a week nutrient IV’s in the naturopathic clinic.

All of these with the exception of the controversial substances (RSO & B-17) were prescribed in doses specific to my body and health issues by either my Naturopath Oncologist or my Primary Care Naturopath and accompanied by lab testing.

Please make sure you do your research and consult with your physician before starting any supplement protocol.

My Vulvar Cancer Treatment Results

January 2018 scans came back clean, no evidence of disease!

Both my Lichen Sclerosis and Hashimoto’s are in full remission, with no symptoms, and blood markers are negative. I’ve dropped almost 70lbs, 5 dress sizes, and 13% body fat. I’ve reversed fatty liver (my liver was 2/3 fatty before these changes), reversed atherosclerosis, and balanced my hormones and reversed estrogen dominance. My skin is awesome, energy is good, libido is up, I’m sleeping like a baby, and I feel amazing!

I will be regularly monitored and continue with the ketogenic diet, supplementation, regular exercise, good sleep, hydration, regular detoxification, stress management, and sunshine.

Who would have thought that cancer would be the best thing to ever happen to me!